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NPA Proposed Change Item 1 proposes to delete the Introduction to the MUTCD and combine it into Part 1.

NPA Text

1. As part of the reorganization, FHWA proposes to delete the existing Introduction and relocate most of that material into a proposed expanded/restructured Part 1. The purpose of this consolidation is to present more logically the general information about the MUTCD and traffic control devices and to eliminate duplicative material that appears in both the Introduction and sections of Part 1. As a part of this change, FHWA also proposes to remove the existing text and table regarding the historical development of the MUTCD and paragraphs pertaining to the use of metric units, as this material is not needed in the MUTCD or can be instead posted on the MUTCD Web site for those who are interested in it. In addition to the changes described herein and shown in the proposed text of the MUTCD, FHWA proposes a new format for each specific traffic control device that is consistent with the format currently used in Part 4 of the Manual, which uses all uppercase letters for each type of traffic signal indication (e.g., “CIRCULAR RED signal indication”). For example, the title of a sign would be shown in the MUTCD as “SPEED LIMIT sign” instead of “Speed Limit sign,” “CHEVRON ALIGNMENT sign” instead of “Chevron Alignment sign,” and “EXIT DIRECTION sign” instead of “Exit Direction sign.” (The sign title would not depend on whether any word legend on a sign is displayed in upper-case or upper- and lower-case letters.) A similar format would be used for pavement markings: “NORMAL WIDTH DOTTED WHITE lane line” instead of “normal width dotted white lane line,” “WIDE SOLID WHITE line” instead of “wide solid white line,” “DOUBLE SOLID YELLOW line” instead of “double solid yellow line,” and “CHEVRON HATCH markings” instead of “chevron hatch markings.” This proposed change is not shown in the proposed text of the MUTCD, but would be incorporated in the new edition of the MUTCD if adopted in the Final Rule. FHWA requests comment on this reformatting proposal for implementation throughout the entire Manual.

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