1961 MUTCD

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The 1961 MUTCD was published by the Bureau of Public Roads of the US Department of Commerce. This replaced the 1954 edition, and served as the official edition of the MUTCD in the United States until the publication of the 1971 edition.


Notable Changes from the 1954 Edition

Yield Sign (Section 1B-7)

The yield sign was changed, it now as a black legend "YIELD" on a yellow background. Warrants for Yield signs were introduced. One notable warrant, as follows, describes the safe approach speed which has been used to determine when a stop sight or a yield sign should be used to control traffic at an intersection.

  1. "On a minor road at the entrance to an intersection where it is necessary to assign right-of-way to the major road, but where a stop is not necessary at all times, and where the safe approach speed on the minor road exceeds 10 miles per hour."