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The 2009 edition of the MUTCD was published by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) in December of 2009. This replaced the 2003 edition. This edition, as revised by FHWA, is the current official edition of the MUTCD in effect in the United States.


NCUTCD Involvement

Rulemaking and Public Comment

Adoption by the States

Notable Changes from the 2003 Edition

Yield Sign Applications Section 2B.09

The use of "posted speed" or "85th-Percentile Speeds" was removed. This change further removes the MUTCD in providing guidance on when to install a Yield sign or not. Engineers must either relay on local practice or use other sources such as the AASHTO Green Book.

Impact of Changes to 23 CFR 655.603




Section II in the NCHRP Legal Research Digest 63 Effect of MUTCD on Tort Liability of Government Transportation Agencies goes over changes from 2003 ed.