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Welcome to the MUTCD Wiki Community page!

The vision of the MUTCD Wiki is to provide a single user-driven reference for all things related to US traffic control devices. See the Scope section of the Rules and Guidelines page for a fuller definition of the envisioned scope of this wiki.

List Of Needs

Below is a partial list of where we could use some help. For now, start anywhere you see an interest in doing so. If you're new to wiki editing, feel free to consult the very comprehensive MediaWiki help website for information to get you started.

Page Creation

  • Creating and populating pages under the main MUTCD Parts linked from the main page
  • Creating pages for each Part of the MUTCD, listing chapters as links
  • Creating pages for each Chapter, with Sections as links or subheadings
  • Creating pages defining important MUTCD terms
    • Examples:
      • Standard, Guidance, Option, Support, Regulatory sign, Pavement marking...
  • Creating pages for specific devices and treatments such as individual signs, markings, and signals, and adding files and graphics for each device or treatment
  • Fleshing out and improving existing pages, including the pages on older editions of the MUTCD
  • Creating other traffic-control-device-related pages and categories

See the Wanted Pages page for a list of pages which have links but haven't yet been created, and the Short Pages page for a list of pages that might benefit from additional content.

Templates and Infoboxes

We also need help developing templates and infoboxes for these standard page types:

  • Signs (including object markers)
  • Markings (including delineators and similar devices)
  • Signals (including beacons)
  • Sections of the MUTCD

Once the templates and infoboxes are created and agreed to, we'll need help in getting existing content in conformance with the templates/infoboxes.

With everyone's assistance, we look forward to creating a very robust and useful website for all who are interested in roadway traffic control in the United States. Thanks in advance for all your help!