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The MUTCD Wiki is intended to address the entirety of traffic control devices in the United States, past, present, and future. The subject matter need not be limited exclusively to the MUTCD itself, but also include related topics and references such as official rulings and interpretations, interim approvals, the Standard Highway Signs and Markings book, the FHWA MUTCD website, external references such as the Traffic Control Devices Handbook and research reports, and other relevant items.

The MUTCD itself addresses the definition of each traffic control device. The MUTCD and other related references address how to use traffic control devices. This wiki can assist in complementing these references by incorporating why a device or treatment may have been proposed or evolved, and store historical information of the development and use of devices.

This wiki is also a valuable tool during the rulemaking process, where detailed information regarding proposed changes to the MUTCD can be recorded and discussed by practitioners and others, and help share knowledge to help shape informed commentary for submission to the docket.

This wiki can also be used to describe and document state or local-agency-specific traffic control device information or practices.