A Healing Center Unlike any Other

A Patient-Centric Results-Based Practice

The New York Center for Innovative Medicine (NYCIM) is a medical center unlike any other, and offers a comprehensive suite of sophisticated and advanced healing therapies from all over the world. The goal for every patient is not continuous management of symptoms, rather a highly effective and extremely personalized approach that aims to restore health by eliminating root cause dysfunctions and initiating self-healing. No two programs of treatment are alike, and each patient-specific protocol is highly detailed, fully customized, and has been repeatedly shown to achieve extraordinary results.

The ultimate role and aim of a medical practitioner is not to continuously manage his patients, but rather bring them to a point of self-management.

Thomas K. Szulc, MD

At the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, we're about unifying medicine and providing the full spectrum of therapeutic options, tailored to each patient for maximum effectiveness - all within a peaceful and serene environment.

Advanced Science Applied to Medicine

At the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, you’ll be sure to receive care that is at the cutting-edge of science without neglecting the vital role that the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels play in our health. Drawing on 20 years of research, 10+ years of trials, and the past 100 years of award winning scientific discoveries in such fields as quantum mechanics and molecular biology, Dr. Szulc and his team of highly trained professionals provide the tools and guidance to tap into the hidden potential of a human and utilize it to restore and heal.

Simplifying the Complex

In light of the advanced approaches taken at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, a wide range of patients from around the world have come to the center for treatment of their complex conditions and seen remarkable improvement and restored health. Because of the cutting-edge modalities used at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, multi-faceted and complicated diseases and conditions may be simplified, and personalized treatment programs are provided as roadmaps to health. There is no guessing, trial-or-error methods, or generalized protocols – each patient receives individualized care that takes into consideration all areas of dysfunction for quickest resolution.

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The NYCIM Medical Team

A world-renowned Medical Director and outstanding patient support staff.
In becoming a patient at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, you can rest assure your treatment program is in the hands of one of the most experienced and recognized physicians in the integrative medical field, Dr. Thomas K. Szulc, MD. Him and his dedicated and passionate team provide an excellent healing environment. With our low patient to medical staff ratio, you will have a uniquely positive healthcare experience without feeling rushed or pressured.

Thomas K. Szulc, MD

Medical Director


Dr. Thomas K. Szulc is a world-renowned physician with over 30 years of experience in both the conventional as well as the integrative / alternative medical field. He has traveled the globe in order to train and study directly with leaders in many medical specialties. His comprehensive and highly advanced approach to treating each patient as a unique being has resulted in remarkable results and an extremely high level of patient satisfaction.

Dr. Szulc's Bio
'Innovative Medicine' is exactly what the medical field needs in order to move forward into the 21st century and beyond.

Jolanta Szulc, PhD.

Clinical Director of Psychological Services & Health Counseling


Dr. Jolanta Szulc holds a Master of Science degree in Experimental Psychology from C.W. Post Long Island University, and Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology as well as doctoral degree in Clinical/Health Psychology from Fielding Graduate University. Her approach to psychotherapy is holistic and eclectic in nature, depending on the particular need of the patient, and focuses on how mental, emotional, social, and spiritual factors affect a person's physical well-being. The emphasis is always on the whole person—body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Jolanta Szulc's Bio
The warm, professional atmosphere and nonjudgmental, safe environment established at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine helps patients face their deeply hidden issues without fear of being blamed or criticized.

Caitlin Egan, NP

Nurse Practitioner


Caitlin is a certified Adult/Geriatric Nurse Practitioner in the state of New York. She received her bachelors of science in nursing at the University of Pittsburgh and her masters at Hunter University. She has worked at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center as well as Hospital for Special Surgery for several years before coming to NYCIM. Caitlin is passionate about holistic care and biological medicine and continues to enhance her training and skills alongside Dr. Szulc, and other renowned physicians.

Viewing patients on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level, as well as accepting each as a unique individual is what makes our practice truly special.

Erin Mewshaw, RN

Registered Nurse


Erin is a Registered Nurse in the State of New York, originally from Sarasota, Florida. Prior to working at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, Erin worked as a nurse in a cardiac step down unit. Her enthusiasm for holistic medicine began even before her career as a nurse, when she worked as an esthetician and massage therapist. It was during this time that she learned the importance of energy medicine and the impact on a person’s overall well-being. Her yearning to learn more about health and healing led her into the nursing field where she has excelled and truly found her passion. She is actively pursuing her graduate degree in nursing to become a Family Nurse Practitioner, and has proved to be an excellent addition to the NYCIM team.

Healing is a lifelong journey, one that I’m proud to be a part of as we help guide patients to achieve their most optimal state of health.

Why Choose the New York Center for Innovative Medicine?

Because NYCIM does things few other medical offices can...


1What is so unique and special about the New York Center for Innovative Medicine?
The New York Center for Innovative Medicine is a pioneer and one of the only centers in existence practicing a whole new paradigm of medicine. Instead of focusing on symptoms and diagnosis (which is the basis of conventional medicine), the center utilizes truly advanced scientific principles to identify all sources of dysfunction - whether physical, biochemical, psycho-emotional, mental, or spiritual -and then create a personalized and highly specific program of treatment that is based on the patient's individual requirements, and not on guessing or trial-and-error protocols.

This is the first application of quantum physics and unification of many different medical modalities (including conventional, alternative, biological, energy, psychological, and spiritual) in a manner to completely rid the body of all underlying causes of disease and allow the body to restore its natural, inherited healing ability and reestablish balance and harmony, which we know as complete health.

The result of all this is truly stellar patient results.
2What is 'Innovative Medicine'?
Also being referred to as “the practical application of a unified theory of medicine” and advanced integrative medicine, Innovative Medicine is:

the intelligent and systematic combination of qualitatively effective medicines & therapies administered to patients in a scientifically personalized manner that leads to quantifiably successful results.

Find out more about Innovative Medicine here: www.innovativemedicine.com
3How is this different than the medical care I’ve received up to this point?
Modern conventional medicine is heavily based and geared towards biochemical processes. In the past century, vast progress has been achieved in many scientific fields. Despite all of this knowledge and technological advances, biology and medicine still follow Newtonian beliefs formulated in the 17th Century that are wonderful for other sciences, but not for the human organism. We are much more than machines, and more than the sum of our parts.

The basis of conventional medicine and much of alternative medicine is diagnosis without paying attention attention to the causes of dysfunction for each person. After establishing a diagnosis (if possible), patients are placed into generalized treatment protocols and their individual needs are not taken into consideration. Most treatments depend on knowledge, experience, and personal beliefs held by the physician while ignoring the unique intelligence of the patient.

Here at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, things are much different. Relying on a new paradigm of 21st century biological medicine, each patient is seen as a unique individual with extraordinary healing abilities. And utilizing the advances and discoveries provided to us over the last 100 years fields like quantum mechanics and molecular biology, we can tap into the patient's intelligence and provide truly personalized treatment protocols not based on just biochemical analysis, but on deep rooted information that pertains to all aspects of the patients current state of health and what would be most advantageous for that individual patient to restore their health.
4How do I become a patient of the New York Center for Innovative Medicine?
Please contact the front-desk at 1-631-377-5045, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm ET.
5Do you accept Insurance?
No. At the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, our primary focus is on restoring all of our patients' health, and to do so, we implement a number of cutting-edge therapies that are not covered by insurance.

We employ a ‘Patient-Centric Results-Based Model‘, in which the most critical and paramount goal is always to produce the highest levels of patient success through the complete restoration of health. All subsequent levels are therefore optimized to achieve this goal, and doctors / practitioners who work in this model focus solely on healing, rather than spend much of their time with other administrative and non-medical tasks. Running a patient-centric model is in contradiction with an insurance-run practice, in which a large portion of focus that should be directed towards the patient is spent on paperwork and insurance claims.

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