Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQs

1What is so unique and special about the New York Center for Innovative Medicine?
The New York Center for Innovative Medicine is a pioneer and one of the only centers in existence practicing a whole new paradigm of medicine. Personalization and the incorporating of quantum physics as applied to medicine is at the core of the remarkable patient results NYCIM achieves. Instead of focusing on symptoms and diagnosis (which is the basis of conventional medicine), the center utilizes truly advanced scientific principles to identify all sources of dysfunction - whether physical, biochemical, psycho-emotional, mental, or spiritual -and then create a personalized and highly specific program of treatment that is based on the patient's individual requirements, and not on guessing or trial-and-error protocols.

This is the first application of quantum physics and unification of many different medical modalities (including conventional, alternative, biological, energy, psychological, and spiritual) in a manner to completely rid the body of all underlying causes of disease and allow the body to restore its natural, inherited healing ability and reestablish balance and harmony, which we know as complete health.

The result of all this is truly stellar patient results.
2What is 'Innovative Medicine'?
Also being referred to as “the practical application of a unified theory of medicine” and advanced integrative medicine, Innovative Medicine is:

the intelligent and systematic combination of qualitatively effective medicines & therapies administered to patients in a scientifically personalized manner that leads to quantifiably successful results.

Find out more about Innovative Medicine here:
3How is this different than the medical care I’ve received up to this point?
Modern conventional medicine is heavily based and geared towards biochemical processes. In the past century, vast progress has been achieved in many scientific fields. Despite all of this knowledge and technological advances, biology and medicine still follow Newtonian beliefs formulated in the 17th Century that are wonderful for other sciences, but not for the human organism. We are much more than machines, and more than the sum of our parts.

The basis of conventional medicine and much of alternative medicine is diagnosis without paying attention attention to the causes of dysfunction for each person. After establishing a diagnosis (if possible), patients are placed into generalized treatment protocols and their individual needs are not taken into consideration. Most treatments depend on knowledge, experience, and personal beliefs held by the physician while ignoring the unique intelligence of the patient.

Here at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, things are much different. Relying on a new paradigm of 21st century biological medicine, each patient is seen as a unique individual with extraordinary healing abilities. And utilizing the advances and discoveries provided to us over the last 100 years fields like quantum mechanics and molecular biology, we can tap into the patient's intelligence and provide truly personalized treatment protocols not based on just biochemical analysis, but on deep rooted information that pertains to all aspects of the patients current state of health and what would be most advantageous for that individual patient to restore their health.
4What is the value of 'Innovative Medicine'?
The value of 'Innovative Medicine' is two fold:

1. For the Effective Personalized Treatment of Complex, Chronic Conditions
2. For Preventive and Wellness Measures.

The benefits of an Innovative Medicine approach to medicine are the following:
  • Complex cases become simplified - knowing the precise causative agents, and tailoring treatment to each individual eliminates guessing and trial-and-error, and greatly simplifies multi-faceted conditions.
  • Quality of results rise - When you have the precise answers and roadmap back to health, the quality of patient outcomes rises significantly.
  • Duration of treatment dramatically reduced - Approaching complex cases is often described as correctly "peeling the layers of an onion". Through an innovative medicine approach, you know exactly where to start peeling and to remove all the layers in the right order and quick manner.
  • Minimize SIde-Effects, Adverse Rections & Toxicity - Through an Innovative Medicine approach, a treatment program is not only optimized for efficiency, but side-effects, adverse reactions and general toxicity from any medication or treatment are minimized.
  • Increased trust and satisfaction - as a patient begins their recovery and a journey back to health, they also rebuild trust in medicine and are extremely happy with the results obtained through innovative medicine.
5What is so scientific about the approach taken at NYCIM?
Incredible discoveries have been made throughout the past 100 years in the field of quantum physics. After glancing at the well financed undertakings currently underway that substantiate these findings, it becomes clear that the past century's achievements made in the world of science have yet to be adopted by medicine - until now.

At the New York Center for Innovative Medicine we're applying the very latest in quantum physics, molecular biology, resonance phenomena, holographic information, and the field of human consciousness to push the envelope of what medicine is capable of doing - all in a very scientific manner.
6What conditions / diseases do you treat?
At the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, we work on patients with a very wide variety of diagnoses and conditions / diseases. This includes:
  • Infectious Diseases
    Chronic Lyme Disease / Tick Borne-Illnesses, + more
    » Learn more about our specialized Lyme disease treatment approach
  • Neurological Conditions
    Parkinsonism, Multiple Sclerosis, Alzheimer's Disease, Migraines, + more
  • Cardiovascular Disease
    Hyper + Hypotension, Coronary Heart Disease, Angina Pectoris, Arrhythmia, + more
  • Gastrointestinal Disorders
    Irritable Bowel Syndome, Crohn's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, + more
  • Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Depression
  • Diabetes
  • Anxiety / Stress
  • Hormonal Imbalances
  • Reproductive Issues
  • Many more
One difference that you will witness at NYCIM is that rather focus on diagnosis and place patient's into generalized treatment protocols, we work to establish why the patient has the problems they do, and what are the underlying causes leading to the current state of dysfunction. From there, all patients are provided personalized treatments, regardless if they have the same exact diagnosis.

7How do I schedule an appointment?
Please contact the front-desk at 1-631-377-5045, Monday - Friday, 9am - 5pm ET, or send us an email at We will make every effort to schedule you at your desired time and date.
8How far in advance should I book an appointment?
The New York Center for Innovative Medicine will make every effort to schedule you an appointment as soon as possible, but due to the high demand and large number of referrals we receive, you may have to wait for an appointment. Please call the front desk at 1-631-377-5045 for a better understanding of openings and to schedule your appointment.
9What is your cancellation policy?
We request that you make every effort to keep your appointment - the center has a very long waitlist of patients from around the world, and your healing is based on you being at the center. Please give our office a 48-hour notice in the event that you must reschedule/cancel your appointment with the center. You may contact us at 1-631-377-5045 or email us at This allows other patients to be scheduled into that appointment and for us to adjust the schedule. It also makes it possible to reschedule your appointment more efficiently. If a patient misses an appointment without contacting our office, this is considered a missed appointment (“No-Show, No-Call”).

Initial Evaluations: Although there are no fees associated upon a missed initial evaluation, you may have to wait significant time (several months depending on the current wait time) to reschedule, and we reserve the option to refuse future appointments.

Appointments for Therapies / Procedures: Many therapies and procedures (such as personalized intravenous infusions) are carefully prepared before your appointment, and if you miss or cancel within 48 hours, they must be discarded. These specialized therapies utilize medicines from around the world that are expensive, and often times difficult to procure. For this reason, a fee of 50% of the cost of your scheduled treatment will be charged to your account in the event of a missed or canceled appointment. If multiple treatments are scheduled, you will be charged 50% of the therapy with highest associated cost. This fee will not be charged if you provide more than a 48-hour notice to the center.

*Please Note - All fees charged for a No-Show / No-Call will be designated for the creation of a foundation to help promote advanced integrative medicine and research into the type of medicine practiced at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine. 0

Additionally, if a patient is more than 30 minutes late to his/her appointment, the appointment may be canceled and considered a missed appointment. Please call 1-631-377-5045 if you are running late.
10What is you policy for children?
Due to the nature of some of the treatments that require intravenous therapies and strict compliance, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine does not accept children as patients at this time.
11What are your opening hours and days?
We are open Monday-Friday, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
12How can I get to and from the center?
The center is located on the North Short of Long Island, in Huntington on 634 Park Avenue. This is easily accessible by the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) and is close to MacArthur Airport.

Click here to enter your address and get directions to our center.
13Is the office handicap accessible?
Yes, the center has a handicap accessible ramp to an entrance at the right of the main entrance.
14Is there parking?
Yes, there are several parking parking spots at the center and a circular driveway for easy off loading and pick-up.
15Where is the center located?
The New York Center for Innovative Medicine is located at:

634 Park Avenue
Huntington, NY 11743

Please view map below.



Treatment FAQs

1What medical services do you offer?
We offer a large variety of medical services that cover an expansive number of different modalities, including conventional medicine, European biological medicine, alternative / holistic medicine, psychology, and spirituality. These include:

  • Specialized Diagnostic & Evaluation Systems
    Bioresonance Analysis of Health, Heart Rate Variability Testing, Quantum Biofeedback Diagnostics, Diagnostic Lab Testing, + more
  • Advanced Integrative Procedures
    Personalized Intravenous Therapies, Neural Therapy, Chelation Therapy, Ozone Therapy, Ultraviolet Blood Therapy, Airnergy Oxygen Therapy, + more
  • Energy Medicine
    ACMOS Energy Balancing Therapy, Biosyntonie EMF Therapy, Color Therapy, Sound Therapy, Sound Wave Energy, + more
  • Physical Therapies
    Low-Level Laser Therapy, Pulsed Electromagnetic Therapy, Trigger Point Injections, Onnetsu Far Infrared Therapy, Multiple Healing Technology Devices, + more
  • Emotional Therapies
    Neuro-Emotional Technique, Emotional Freedom Technique, Stress Management, Biofeedback Therapy, Brainmapping, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), + more
  • Biological Medicines
    Spagyric Medicine, Homeopathy, Herbal Supplements, Nutritional Supplements, Mineral Supplementation, Isopathic Remedies, Organotherapy (mRNA Therapy), Oral Chelation, + more
  • Special Therapies
    Lifestyle Adjustments, Dietary Plans, Spiritual Therapies, Gerson's Therapy, Karach's Therapy, Hydrotherapy, Colonics, + more

In addition, all medical services, therapies, procedures, and medicines / supplements are personalized to each patient, down to the dosage, frequency, and duration.
2How long is the initial consultation and what should I expect?
The initial consultation at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine lasts approximately 30 - 45 minutes. In this time, you will meet with a physician to discuss your health issues, ask questions, and review your medical history. You will also undergo a heart rate variability analysis that provides insight into the interconnectivity of your body systems and how they are functioning to maintain health. Before leaving, a drop of blood through a lancet finger prick will be drawn onto a microscope slide which will then be used for analysis with Bioresonance Analysis of Health. You will then be excused and may leave the center, and a follow-up visit may be scheduled where all evaluation results will be shared with you and a personalized program of treatment will be explained.
3How should I prepare for my initial visit at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine?
We ask that you please bring any past medical records you have available as well as a list of medications you are currently on.
4What's included in my initial exam?
During you initial exam at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, you will receive the following:

  • Consultation with a Physician
  • History & Physical Exam
  • Heart Rate Variability Test
  • Finger Prick and Drop of Blood Drawn onto a Microscope Slide
    to later be analyzed using Bioresonance Analysis of Health

All of this will provide the medical team at the center the proper information to understand the underlying dysfunctions impacting your health and allow them to construct a personalized program of treatment.
5How long will it take to get my results?
Unlike normal blood diagnostic tests which may take weeks for results to be shared, we perform advanced blood analysis in-house and can share results within a matter of days. Upon your initial evaluation, you will be asked to come in for a follow-up which may be scheduled normally within a week. It is at this follow-up that you will have time with the physician to go over all your results, the proposed personalized program of treatment, and answer any questions or concerns you may have.
6How many total treatments will I need?
In order to answer this question, an evaluation would have to be performed and upon analysis a personalized treatment plan would be shared with the total number of treatment necessary. Please remember, no two protocols at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine and no guessing or blanket protocols are used.
7What if I can't commit to all the therapies?
Upon your follow up visit where the complete program of treatment will be presented and explained, you will also be informed that if you cannot commit to all the therapies, optimal outcome will not be achieved. Patient commitment and compliance with the complete treatment program is essential to restoring your complete health, and neglecting any part may result in suboptimal results and ongoing health issues.
8Can I pick and choose which treatments I want?
No. We take your treatment and health very seriously at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, and to ensure that we provide you with the best possible outcome, compliance to the complete treatment is required. An explanation of the importance of each treatment, therapy, medicine, supplement, and recommendation will be provided at your follow-up.
9What is expected of me, the patient, during treatment?
This is a great question. We believe in a coach-athlete relationship between our medical team and you, the patient. This means that we will do our very best to guide you and provide you with the therapies and medicines to restore health, but their remains the element of responsibility on the patient just as there is on an athlete following a coaches instructions. Therefore, compliance is essential and expected of you if you are to become a patient at NYCIM.
10How often are follow-ups / evaluations?
After initial evaluation, a patient is re-evaluated 6-8 weeks or after completion of the initial program of established treatment. Following the complete treatment plan, we recommend coming into the office 1-2 times per year for preventive and wellness measures.
11Do you provide lifestyle or diet recommendations?
Yes, upon evaluation we will check to see if any lifestyle adjustments or dietary recommendations are necessary and beneficial. In most cases, this is provided to the patient upon their follow-up when the treatment program is presented and will provide precise foods to eat and avoid, as well as recommendations associated with lifestyle that will have a beneficial impact on your health.
12Will my treatments have any side effects?
During evaluation and compatibility testing to treatments and medicines, we take into account the minimization of side effects and always aim to administer therapies and medicines that will produce the absolute least amount of side effects. As with any therapy or event that causes a change within the body, some unpleasant side-effects may be experienced, but these are rare using the natural and safe therapies provided at the center.
13Do you have a medicinal dispensary?
Yes. The New York Center for Innovative Medicine carries a comprehensive line of biological medicines, natural remedies, and nutritional supplements. Each are tested to ensure pharmaceutical grade quality.

The benefits of an on-site dispensary are that you can begin using the medicines and supplements that are part of your program of treatment directly after your appointment.
14Can I speak to someone who has been successfully treated and hear their story?
Yes, we can connect you with former patients of the center. We only dispense this information after initial evaluation to ensure former patients are not receiving too many calls and to match you to patients with similar medical histories.
15Do you prescribe prescription medications or fulfill refills?
In rare instances when the treatment calls for prescription medication, we will prescribe the medication. This however is very rare as we try and avoid prescriptions that normally have side effects and produce toxicity in the body.

We will provide refills after an evaluation to ensure you would still require medication. If the New York Center for Innovative Medicine was not the prescribing center of your medications, we will not provide a refill without an evaluation.

Cost / Insurance FAQs

1What fee / cost should I expect when becoming a patient at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine?
Due to the personalized nature and wide array of treatments available at the center, it is impossible to predict the cost you should expect. Only after an initial evaluation can a cost for the tailored and specific treatment program be provided. Some patients may require simple supplementation and general lifestyle/diet changes, while other may require intensive therapies and procedures. Every patient's treatment program will vary as well as associated costs.

Please note, all payments for services at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine are out-of-pocket and not covered by insurance. A detailed cost assessment of your program will be presented after an initial evaluation.
2What is the cost of an initial evaluation?
An initial evaluation costs $800. This includes consultation, heart rate variability test, and a full evaluation using Bioresonance Analysis of Health. Although the initial evaluation lasts 30-45 minutes, the additional testing through Bioresonance Analysis of Health will take additional time and will provide information that would normally take multiple diagnostic tests that would need to be sent to labs, cost several hundreds of dollars, and take weeks to obtain results. In addition, some of the parameters of health tested at the center can only be tested through Bioresonance Analysis of Health and would otherwise go undetected, making it a truly valuable evaluation method.
3Do you accept insurance?
No. At the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, our primary focus is on restoring all of our patients' health, and to do so, we implement a number of cutting-edge therapies that are not covered by insurance.

We employ a ‘Patient-Centric Results-Based Model‘, in which the most critical and paramount goal is always to produce the highest levels of patient success through the complete restoration of health. All subsequent levels are therefore optimized to achieve this goal, and doctors / practitioners who work in this model focus solely on healing, rather than spend much of their time with other administrative and non-medical tasks. Running a patient-centric model is in contradiction with an insurance-run practice, in which a large portion of focus that should be directed towards the patient is spent on paperwork and insurance claims.

Read why top medical centers are going insurance-free and providing better patient care
4Can you provide me with an insurance code for my treatments?
No. We do not provide insurance codes for any treatments performed at the and have all patients sign a 'No Insurance Policy' form informing them that all treatments and procedures performed are paid out-of-pocket.
5Is there any way I can be reimbursed by insurance for things like lab work. blood tests, and certain procedures?
Generally no. In rare instances when further diagnostic laboratory tests are required and may be covered by insurance, we will notify you of the possibility for reimbursement. No therapies or medicines are reimbursable for insurance purposes.
6What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, credit-card, and checks. Payment is processed following rendering of medical services at the time of an appointment.
7Do you offer payment plans?
No, we do not offer payment plans.
8What is the financial advantage of this type of medical practice over a conventional one?
It is easy to lose sight of the costs of medical care when insurance covers expenses, but the value of this approach is very low. In many cases, multiple tests that cost several thousands of dollars and take time to conduct are applied, and may come back inconclusive. In addition, when a diagnosis is made, a generalized protocol is administered. If this first protocol fails to bring about a desired outcome, it's on to the next one, and so on. With each blanket protocol, costs rise, with or without our knowledge. All the while, a patient's health is perpetually held just over the horizon. In the best outcome for complex cases, the patient's health may eventually return, but the path to achieving physical health has now left that person mentally and emotionally depleted. Often in these "successful" cases, similar or related problems occur. So while financially a patient has minimized expenses, their health has greatly deteriorated and the ongoing costs to society add up. Lost time at work alone can attribute to tens of thousands of dollars for any single patient with a chronic condition.

With an Innovative Medicine approach, the goal is ascertaining the correct information in the quickest possible manner to identify the precise dysfunctions and that a personalized treatment, not based on blanket protocols or clinical studies in labs on several candidates, can be applied and the dysfunctions may be corrected and results made permanent. This is the difference between treating and healing, and in a long-term view, the initial financial commitment from this approach may seem larger, but it is in fact relatively small in comparison.

In addition, a healthy patient will easily tell you that restored health and functioning after a debilitating condition is worth every penny of paying out-of-pocket.

International Patients FAQs

1Do you accept international patients?
Yes, the New York Center for Innovative Medicine is a world-class medical center, attracting a diverse group of clientele from around the globe including Australia, India, Italy, France, Spain, England, Germany, and Canada among others. We make every effort to accommodate international patients, and understand the needs of those traveling from afar. Normally certain lots of assigned times and appointments will be held for international patients so they may receive their treatment and the care they require during their stay.

Should you require help arranging stay in New York during the treatment program, we provide a special 'Planning Your Stay' pdf guide that is sent to international patients upon request.

The center is also closely associated with the Quantum Institute for Wellbeing, a special purpose organization based in New Delhi, India. The Institute serves as a world-wide advocate of a quantum worldview that is poised to revolutionize medicine as it focuses on identifying root causes and providing customised treatment on a holistic (body mind and soul) level.
2Do you provide assistance with VISA for international?
We can provide you with a referral letter for a Visa to the United States stating the center has accepted you as a patient for treatment in the US. These are only provided to patients who already have a set appointment with the NYCIM.
3Do you provide accommodations for traveling patients?
While we do not provide accommodations directly, we do provide a list of options ranging from luxury extended stay apartments in the city, to cost effective hotels outside the city that are closer to nature. We will provide you with a 'Planning Your Stay' informational guide upon your booking of an appointment at the center.
4Do you speak other languages than English at the center?
Yes, outside of English, some of the staff speaks fluent Polish.