Picture this...

A medical center where quality comes first, and your fully restored health is the primary goal...

A place where each patient is provided a unique and highly tailored program of treatment; no two protocols being alike...

A sanctuary where all efforts are geared towards ensuring that you receive the very best holistic care...

This is the NYCIM experience.

What to Expect...

A Truly Unique Patient Experience.
I magine being handed your own personal roadmap back to health - everything spelt out for you, from the frequency and number of treatments, to the exact dosage of medications. This isn't a general protocol, this is YOUR protocol. Not only is this plan completely tailored to your distinctive needs, you can also rest assured that this distinctive treatment program has considered a very large array of medical options, from conventional medicine to holistic methods and lifestyle adjustments, and has been created to minimize any side-effects while maximizing efficiency. That's what to expect at the New York Center for Innovative Medicine.

Here are a few more things you can expect from us:

Ways the New York Center for Innovative Medicine can Help

How we can help?

1Help Identify Why You are Experiencing Illness
In most chronic conditions, not knowing the causes of dysfunction leaves us with limited therapeutic options. At the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, we go deeper than the surface level symptoms, and identify the multiple factors that are causing those symptoms. By locating the initiating factors of illness, we can then answer the ever-important question of "why am I experiencing illness?"
2Help Provide a Comprehensive and Personalized Roadmap Back to Health
Once the causes of dysfunction are identified, the second step is personalizing the treatment to you. Yet to effectively treat any patient, we must utilize all available and potentially beneficial medical options. Here at the center, we employ a number of different medical modalities that cover the entire healing spectrum, from allopathic to emotional therapies, and from surgery to energy balancing, are taken into consideration for each patient. In this manner, your unique circumstances are dictating the therapy that best suits you.
3Help Heal on All Levels - Body, Mind & Spirit
You are much more than a simple physical machine. There are several levels to each human, including the physical, biochemical, mental, emotional and spiritual. There are even scientific explanations of the concept of body, mind and spirit. And in order to restore health, real lasting health, we must address all these levels and the dysfunctions that may effect each level and contributing to disease and illness. At the New York Center for Innovative Medicine, we consider each of these levels and ensure each is optimized and balanced.
4Help Devise Healthy Diet and Lifestyle Adjustment Just for You
Your lifestyle and diet are critically important for wellness. We work with each patient in order to provide them with personalized programs and recommendations of dietary and lifestyle recommendations. From foods you should eat and avoid, to specific lifestyle regimens that best suit you, we will guide you in reestablishing balance and harmony outside of the center.
5Help You Maintain Long-term Wellness
The path to health must consider the long-term implications. Simply masking symptoms and managing a condition through life-long intervention is not an optimal outcome. At the center, our goal is to eliminate causative dysfunctions, restore your self-healing capabilities, and ensure self-management of your health for long-term wellness.

The Patient Process

Your Steps to Healing...
Set Your Appointment1

Set Your Appointment

Speak to one of our knowledgeable coordinators and book your appointment to the New York Center of Innovative Medicine. We'll get you the proper information and what to expect before you come in for this first visit. How far ahead should I call for an appointment?
Initial Evaluation2

Initial Evaluation

The initial evaluation should last one hour, in which you'll have ample time to speak with your primary physician, receive some painless yet advanced diagnostic tests, and have a drop of blood taken from a finger prick. From there you're free to head home or back to work.
Relax...We're on Top of It3

Relax...We're on Top of It

You can leave knowing that in the coming days we'll be assessing your complete state of health and constructing your personalized program of treatment. You may setup your follow up appointment before leaving your initial evaluation or by calling us.
Follow-Up and Treatment4

Follow-Up and Treatment

During your follow-up, all results and the treatment program will be presented in a clear and concise manner, and questions will be answered. You can then proceed with your proposed personalized treatment program and begin your own personal journey towards health.

Accepting International Patients

NYCIM has a large number of international's why..