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Rulemaking is the process defined in United States Federal law that administrative agencies use to create regulatory content. The Administrative Procedures Act defines the process for rulemaking for Federal agencies.

Rulemaking and the MUTCD

Since the MUTCD is defined as a national standard for all roadways open to public travel, it is considered to be a regulatory document, and subject to the rulemaking process. Additions or revisions must follow the process in order to be formally adopted into the MUTCD. The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) is the lead Federal agency for MUTCD rulemaking.


Development of Proposed Content

One of the primary missions of the National Committee on Uniform Traffic Control Devices is to develop proposed content for the MUTCD. Once a proposal is approved by the NCUTCD Council, it is transmitted to the FHWA MUTCD Team for possible inclusion in a future version of the MUTCD.

Members of the public can also submit suggestions and recommendations for new and revised MUTCD content.

Notice of Proposed Amendment

Public Comment

Comment Review by FHWA

Final Rule and Publication of MUTCD

Adoption by States

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