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Lyme disease is a multi-factorial, multi-systemic condition - first, all the causative agents and dysfunctions are properly identified through advanced medical evaluation systems...

Then, a comprehensive and personalized program is devised to support all affected systems and organs of the body and cleanse the biological terrain that pathogens thrive in...

Finally, a highly tailored and very detailed treatment plan is administered to eradicate Borrelia and all associated pathogens...

Everything is made specific to the patient - this is the NYCIM way of successfully eliminating Lyme disease.

The Current Approach to Lyme Disease

History and Treatments
L yme disease has become a major health issue in the 21st century. Despite a very short existence (recognized as a “new disease” in 1975 in the small New England town of Lyme, Connecticut) it is estimated that Lyme disease organisms may be a major contributing factor in a great number of chronically ill people. The causative organism (a spiral shaped bacteria named Borrelia burgdorferi from its discoverer Dr. William Burgdorfer, 1982) is in this same category of organisms as syphilis and it behaves in a similar pattern as a great impersonator, mimicking many other diseases. Additionally, lack of specific FDA approved testing, as well as the presence of many associated pathogenic organisms such as viruses, other bacteria, fungus and parasites, makes diagnosis and treatment extremely difficult.

Conventional methods of diagnosing and treating Lyme run into the following problems:

  1. Diagnosis: Lyme disease needs to be established on the basis of positive lab tests. Most tests are not reliable and in many cases result in false-positives or false-negatives. Therefore, a true Lyme disease diagnosis can be missed and treatment delayed or incorrect. Most orthodox physicians also require a proof of diagnosis prior to any treatment.
  2. Misdiagnosis: Lyme disease is a great imitator. The bacteria mimics symptoms of other diseases including: chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, depression/anxiety, cardiovascular diseases, neurological conditions (ALS, MS, Alzheimer’s, arthritic disorders, auto-immune conditions, etc.). Misdiagnosis of Lyme disease is a common problem in conventional medicine.
  3. Treatment: When diagnosis is established, the only treatment available to conventional doctors is antibiotic therapy. This disregards the other aspects of the disease, which we know to be multi-systemic and multi-factorial. Prolonged antibiotic treatment profoundly contributes to high tissue toxicity, immune system imbalance, energetic dysfunction, and leads to organs and system disorders.
Now if we look at the current alternative approach, we find:

  1. Similar approach to conventional: Diagnosis needed, and antibiotics are often prescribed as a general protocol to attempt to rid the body of Borrelia.
  2. Addition of diet / nutritional therapy: In an attempt to improve the patients state of health, general recommendations of diet and nutritional therapy may be administered along with antibiotics.
  3. Herbal support: Many practitioners add herbal supplements that have antimicrobial properties. These are often generalized additions for support.
  4. Symptom specific treatment: e.g. Joint inflammation = anti-inflammatory drugs. Management of related symptoms.
While a definite improvement over a conventional approach, the major downfalls of diagnosis and treatment persist, and success rates may slightly increase, but there remains great room for improvement.

A New Approach to Lyme

Personalizing Treatments to each Patient...
A new paradigm of 21st century biological medicine considers each person as a unique individual with incredible healing abilities. The main goal of this paradigm is to find and eliminate all causes of dysfunctions on all levels: biochemical and physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual - allowing the body to restore its natural, inherited healing ability and reestablish balance and harmony, which we know as complete health. 

Now let's look at an Innovative Medicine approach that has yielded remarkable results for a large number of Lyme patients:

  1. Identify underlying causes: Accurately determine all causative body dysfunctions on all level of human being: physical, emotional, mental.
    How? Bioresonance Analysis of Health
  2. Establish priority of treatment: In most cases this requires 3-4 weeks of 1st stage of treatment including: advanced oral and intravenous methods of detox and drainage, improvement of tissue oxygenation, restoration of proper body environment, 1st stage of anti-pathogenic therapies - all personalized to the patient.
  3. Correction of energy balance: This may be vital in many cases where an underlying energetic imbalance is present and contributing to Lyme related symptoms.
    How? Energy Balancing Methods
  4. Personalized pathogen-related treatment: May last 3-4 weeks and consist of aggressive anti-pathogenic treatments, continuous detoxification & drainage, nutritional support, and emotional support - all based on personalized protocols.
  5. Any final additional therapies: If residual problems are present – for example, dental issues, heavy metal toxicity, ongoing emotional/mental conflict, etc. – the additional therapy is identified through advanced evaluation and prescribed in a tailored manner through advanced evaluation systems like B.A.H. Treatment is extremely comprehensive, and requires full patient compliance.
Through this new approach to Lyme (and other multi-systemic conditions), we are now able to push the boundaries of the success rate with patients and completely eradicate all contributing Lyme associated factors and related symptoms.

"I wholeheartedly recommend B.A.H. to anyone who has been suffering from Lyme disease as well as many other illnesses. I finally have my life back and have Dr. Szulc and B.A.H. to thank for it."
1Continue Reading this Patient's Lyme Story
During the seven years that I had been suffering from Lyme disease I had been to countless doctors, some of whom refused to even recognize that I had the illness and others who dismissed the disease as easily treated with a short run of antibiotics. I was finally properly diagnosed by a naturopathic physician who treated me for years with traditional Chinese medicine. Although this brought some relief, it was ultimately unsuccessful.

I then found another Lyme literate doctor who treated the infection very aggressively with large amounts of antibiotics balanced with some alternative and natural therapies. I pursued this treatment for two years including months of intravenous antibiotic treatments which required a PICC line. Eventually the antibiotics failed to be effective and essentially left my whole system extremely compromised and toxic. Both of these treatments were extremely expensive and not covered by insurance (most of insurance companies refuse to recognize the stubborn nature of Lyme disease and belief it can be cured by short course antibiotic therapy).

At last, I learned about Dr. Thomas K. Szulc from a couple of his patients who had success with the B.A.H. method. I was ready to try anything at this point- after seven years of false starts and failed attempts. I followed a six week detox and antimicrobial program at Dr. Szulc’s office and the results were astounding. I am Lyme free and feeling better than I have in years. His method [Bioresonance Analysis of Health] is extremely comprehensive, tailored to each individual’s needs and include physical, emotional and psychological support. Dr. Szulc has assembled a highly competent staff who are responsive and considerate. I wholeheartedly recommend B.A.H. to anyone who has been suffering from Lyme disease as well as many other illnesses. I finally have my life back and have Dr. Szulc and B.A.H. to thank for it.

Sincerely, LD.

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